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Watch – The New Massachusetts Noncompete Law: What You Need to Know

After years of debate, the Massachusetts Legislature recently passed a comprehensive noncompete reform law, and Governor Baker signed the bill on August 10, 2018. The new law overhauls existing law and imposes new prohibitions and requirements for noncompetes signed by Massachusetts workers as of October 1, 2018. Every Massachusetts employer that uses noncompetes will need to change its agreements and practices.

Partners Jonathan Keselenko and Michael Rosen present a webinar discussing what employers need to know about the new law to ensure compliance.… More

Watch: Sexual Harassment Complaints – A Legal and PR Perspective

In Partnership with ACC-Northeast

Recent high-profile sexual harassment scandals have prompted renewed discussions about sexual harassment in the workplace. This webinar focuses on these issues from a legal and crisis response perspective.

We begin with a discussion about how to conduct an effective investigation of sexual harassment complaints, including addressing issues such as privilege, confidentiality and legal liabilities. We then discuss with PR expert, Kelsey Nason, how to manage the public relations aspects of such complaints.… More